Rebuilding the Squirrel’s blog

Writing a blog can be an arduous task, one in which I have not been particularly efficient or diligent lately.  Crónica Ardilla (the squirrel’s blog) started slowly and humbly.  The idea was to keep myself writing, mainly about books, but not just about them.  After a while, I started producing consistently a review for every book that I read, publishing between two and four posts per month.  It was not easy, but the results were usually rewarding, and I was writing extensively.  However, after a while, I stopped, unable to move on.

It sounds as if it was a good working process which I aborted because I am a slacker.  That may be part of the truth; however, there is another side to this story.  After more than a year of writing reviews, I was getting tired of writing the same single review once and again.  The books themselves were fairly different; and so, the content was different too.  But the structure of each post was very similar.  After doing this for a while, there are just so many quick ideas one can get around a new book.  I dreaded to be repeating myself (or to be falling into a confort zone).  It felt more as I was doing homework instead of undertaking the freeing personal activity it had been initially.

Also, I read much faster than I am able to write.  At least, if I want to write well.  So if I wanted to keep posting about all the books I was reading I would have used all my free time on reading and writing.  In principle there would be no problem with that, but in reality there are several other projects in the pipeline: essays to write, research to complete, video games to play and, much more important than all those, time to spend with friends and family.

However, the need to write, and so the need for the blog, is still there.  Because of that, the intention now is to keep adding new entries while modifying its scope.  The aim is to produce fewer posts, hopefully better written; to discuss several related books; and, from time to time, if there is really too much to say about a single book, to produce a review at length.  I will continue the bilingual experiment, trying to post both versions simultaneously.  There will be a natural imbalance here:  the blog in Spanish will have the natural, organic timeline in which the posts were written, while the blog in English will have the new posts mixed with the translations of the old ones (these will be flagged).

And, who knows, maybe now I will finally be able to fill the other initial purpose of the blog and start writing about some other themes, not (exclusively) related to books, reading and writing.  As usual in this editorial posts, thanks for reading!